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This is why I don't have Facebook. :P

LOL Brilliant short - every single "Maybe" was just cracking me up. XD

True - All true!

God, this brings back memories. XD

My brother and I had one other method that seems stupid but also seemed oddly to work: Pulling the game cartridge out just enough so that you really had to slam it down into the system, but not so much that it wouldn't go in. Poor Nintendo...we beat the crap out if it. Still works, though. ;3


I...can only give this a 3 at most, for the decent use of music, and that the animation isn't completely terrible.

But...Well, I'm somewhat disturbed. And this is coming from someone who saw "Faces of Death" as a 12-year-old girl, and wasn't fazed.

I looked at the reviews below, and I thought to myself, "Oh c'mon, I bet it isn't even that bad...Those guys are probably just pansies." While I probably won't remember this come morning, and I'm not really truly offended per se, it's just...not entertaining to watch. I'm sure there could very well be ways to make the same scenario and subject matter funny, but this wasn't one of them. The presentation is just raw and unnecessarily ugly.

At least the bear himself is kinda cute, with his evil little sharp teeth...

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Hee hee! XD

My my, such a delicate eater, that zombie.

Really excellent style and animation - very smooth. The zombie is oddly endearing to me...I don't know why. XD


You've got some mighty impressive animation skills - I hope someday I can have such a grand mastery of Flash. :3

The ending of this...made me LOL. X3

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I'm at a loss for a words, and rarely does that happen. Gimme a minute... XD

Absolutely remarkable. Intense, quietly disturbing, brilliant use of (lack of) color, fantastic crisp, clean artwork (the black and white with a splash of yellow and the posturing of everything makes me think of the KMDFM album artwork of Brute!), wonderfully understated soundtrack (reminiscent of the experimental music used in the original "The Hills Have Eyes"). The animation flowed so nicely, and the character designs were so unique and aesthetically pleasing in their subtle creepiness.

Top notch. Bloody brilliant.


Nice clean, smooth animation, and despite what others say, I personally agree with the stick-dude: I'd rather play Russian Roulette than smoke that revolting crap any day of the week.

The sheer "WTF"-ness of that ending cracked me the hell up. XD

Hoots gave me diabetes. O_O'

That owl...is so damn cute.....it's almost criminal. Even though I watch the show all the time, this short probably wouldn't have reminded me of Flapjack that much if it hadn't been pointed out in the author comment. Heck, my brain might not have made that connection at all. XD

Anyhow....Lil' Hoots made me girly squeal with his cuteness.

Amazing job on this!

The voices were damn near spot on, and the animation looked great! Three cheers and a cookie for you! :D

Aww....but I liked Yuffie...

Well...not as a character, but being able to hit for 9,999 with "Morph".

Anyhow, you created such a classic "what if?" moment here. Perfect and hilarious!

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