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This is why I don't have Facebook. :P

LOL Brilliant short - every single "Maybe" was just cracking me up. XD

True - All true!

God, this brings back memories. XD

My brother and I had one other method that seems stupid but also seemed oddly to work: Pulling the game cartridge out just enough so that you really had to slam it down into the system, but not so much that it wouldn't go in. Poor Nintendo...we beat the crap out if it. Still works, though. ;3


I...can only give this a 3 at most, for the decent use of music, and that the animation isn't completely terrible.

But...Well, I'm somewhat disturbed. And this is coming from someone who saw "Faces of Death" as a 12-year-old girl, and wasn't fazed.

I looked at the reviews below, and I thought to myself, "Oh c'mon, I bet it isn't even that bad...Those guys are probably just pansies." While I probably won't remember this come morning, and I'm not really truly offended per se, it's just...not entertaining to watch. I'm sure there could very well be ways to make the same scenario and subject matter funny, but this wasn't one of them. The presentation is just raw and unnecessarily ugly.

At least the bear himself is kinda cute, with his evil little sharp teeth...

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I think the other people in the review section really need a better sense of humor. This isn't supposed to be some epic game that you play for hours on end - it's just supposed to be something goofy to give you a laugh.

Even as an MLP:FiM fan myself, I thought this was hilarious. Sure, it's not technically amazing, and I'm curious as to when the game "ends", but I found it amusing nonetheless.


Some of the questions were a little vague, and some of them kinda depended on what type of zombie you're dealing with (who knows what kind of symptoms would occur in a real outbreak, but as far as the cinema is concerned, there are numerous kinds of zombies that work on different levels). Because of that, since I collect zombie movies and have seen lord-only-knows how many, it made it a little trickier for me personally, because it's harder for me to think in the context of just one type of zombie lore. But, as you mentioned, trying to cover all the bases would be impossible, so I just tried to think along the lines of a Romero-type outbreak.

However, the questions do force you to think, which is excellent. I don't think I've ever taken a quiz where I had to actually sit for a minute or so on some of the questions and rationalize about the choices.

The grading confused me a little, but apparently Z+ is a good thing, and that's what I got. XD Overall, awesome quiz - best zombie survival quiz I've ever taken. :3

Needs a little more of a presentation...

And maybe a little more going-over of the rules, but overall, very fun, and extremely addicting. :D

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Excellent posture!

Have you considered inking your work after you've got the finished pencil lines? I can imagine it would look just amazing! :D

knuxrouge responds:

I used to do that.
I remember my biggest fear being fucking it up.

I don't think I have anything to add...

...that hasn't already been covered by others. She looks marvelous - great body language and posture, and I love the way her wings fall alongside her - it's like a cape of feathers. :3


This is so pretty! The colors are really nice - fabulous contrast with the warm and cool colors. I also really like the placement of everything and the way it draws the eye around and right into the middle. The brush strokes give everything a really nice overall texture, yet each object also has it's own texture. Absolutely lovely - I wish I could paint like this. :3

sbigmang23 responds:

Thank you so much for the great review!

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